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CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide

Exam SY0-201 3E

CompTIA's Security+ certification is a globally-recognized, vendor neutral exam that has helped over 60,000 IT professionals reach further and higher in their careers. The current Security+ exam (SY0-201) focuses more on being able to deal with security issues rather than just identifying them.

The new exam covers six major topics: Systems Security, Network Infrastructure, Access Control, Assessments and Audits, Cryptography, and Organizational Security.

This third edition has been updated to follow and cover the new exam objectives. After reading this book not only will you be able to pass the exam but you will have a working knowledge of cryptography, security legislation, vulnerability assessments, logical access control methods, and much more.

Security+ exam candidates both first-time and recertification

Paperback, 784 Pages

Published: July 2009

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-426-7


  • "The computer and network security field continues to grow as more devices are becoming interconnected. The Security+ certification verifies knowledge of the six major security domains. Ido Dubrawsky and his team provide an excellent guide for passing the exam that serves equally well as a reference after certification." -James Broad, Security Consultant, Security+ and CISSP


  • Part 1: Systems Security

    Chapter 1: Systems Security Overview

    Chapter 2: OS Hardening

    Chapter 3: Application Security

    Chapter 4: Implementing System Security Applications

    Chapter 5: Virtualization Technologies

    Part 2: Communication and Network Infrastructure Security

    Chapter 6: Network Security

    Chapter 7: Wireless Networks

    Part 3: Access Control

    Chapter 8: Network Access

    Chapter 9: Network Authentication

    Part 4: Assessments and Audits

    Chapter 10: Risk Assessments and Risk Mitigation

    Part 5: Cryptopgraphy

    Chapter 11: General Cryptographic Concepts

    Chapter 12: Public Key Infrastructure

    Part 6: Organizational Security

    Chapter 13: Redundancy Planning

    Chapter 14: Controls and Procedures

    Chapter 15: Legislation and Organizational Policies


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