Compressibility, Turbulence and High Speed Flow book cover

Compressibility, Turbulence and High Speed Flow

Compressibility, Turbulence and High Speed Flow introduces the reader to the field of compressible turbulence and compressible turbulent flows across a broad speed range, through a unique complimentary treatment of both the theoretical foundations and the measurement and analysis tools currently used.

The book provides the reader with the necessary background and current trends in the theoretical and experimental aspects of compressible turbulent flows and compressible turbulence. Detailed derivations of the pertinent equations describing the motion of such turbulent flows is provided and an extensive discussion of the various approaches used in predicting both free shear and wall bounded flows is presented. Experimental measurement techniques common to the compressible flow regime are introduced with particular emphasis on the unique challenges presented by high speed flows. Both experimental and numerical simulation work is supplied throughout to provide the reader with an overall perspective of current trends.


Mechanical Engineers, Process Engineers, Pipeline Engineers, Aerospace and Automotive Engineers

Hardbound, 342 Pages

Published: March 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-397027-5


  • 1 - Kinematics, Thermodynamics and Fluid Transport Properties;
    2 - Compressible Flow Dynamics;
    3 - Compressible Turbulent Flow;
    4 - Experimental Measurement and Analysis Strategies;
    5 - Prediction Strategies and Closure Models;
    6 - Compressible Shear Layers;
    7 - Shock and Turbulence Interactions;

    8 - Elements of Compressible Flow Control


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