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Comprehensive Renewable Energy

Comprehensive Renewable Energy, winner of a 2012 PROSE Award for Best Multi-volume Reference in Science from the Association of American Publishers, is the only work of its type at a time when renewable energy sources are seen increasingly as realistic alternatives to fossil fuels. As the majority of information published for the target audience is currently available via a wide range of journals, seeking relevant information (be that experimental, theoretical, and computational aspects of either a fundamental or applied nature) can be a time-consuming and complicated process.

Comprehensive Renewable Energy is arranged according to the most important themes in the field (photovoltaic technology; wind energy technology; fuel cells and hydrogen technology; biomass and biofuels production; hydropower applications; solar thermal systems: components and applications; geothermal energy; ocean energy), and as such users can feel confident that they will find all the relevant information in one place, with helpful cross-referencing between and within all the subject areas, to broaden their understanding and deepen their knowledge. It is an invaluable resource for teaching as well as in research.

Available online via SciVerse ScienceDirect and in print.


Undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers, faculty, government and corporate employees working in materials and energy sciences

Hardbound, 4422 Pages

Published: May 2012

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-087872-0


  • “…a useful acquisition for libraries that wish to acquire only one resource on the subject or for libraries that collect comprehensively in this area.”--CHOICE, March 2013


  • Volume 1 - Photovoltaic Solar Energy - Edited by Wilfried van Sark
    Volume 2 - Wind Energy - Edited by John Kaldellis
    Volume 3 - Solar Thermal Systems: Components and Applications - Edited by Soteris A. Kalogirou
    Volume 4 - Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology - Edited by Andrew Cruden
    Volume 5 - Biomass and Biofuel Production - Edited by Dermot Roddy
    Volume 6 - Hydro Power - Edited by Andre Lejeune
    Volume 7 - Geothermal Energy - Edited by Thorsteinn Sigfusson
    Volume 8 - Ocean Energy - Edited by AbuBakr S. Bahaj


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