Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry III book cover

Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry III

Volume 2: Groups 1-2, 11-12

Volume 1 reviews the preparations, properties, structure, bonding and applications of organometallic compounds of Alkali metal, Alkaline earth, Copper, Silver, Zinc, Mercury and Cadmium. It provides a clear and comprehensive overview of developments since 1993 and attempts to predict trends in the field over the next ten years. Like its predecessors, COMC (1982) and COMC-II (1995), this new work is the essential reference text for any chemist or technologist who needs to use or apply organometallic compounds.


Suitable for organic and inorganic chemists researchers and students in the fields of materials science and nanoscience. Practitioners working in industry who need to use or apply organometallic compounds.

Hardbound, 498 Pages

Published: November 2006

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-044592-2


  • Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry III, Volume 2 Compounds of Groups 1 to 2 and 11 to 12
    Alkali Metal Organometallics – Structure and Bonding
    Alkaline Earth Organometallics
    Copper Organometallics
    Silver Organometallics
    Gold Organometallics
    Zinc Organometallics
    Mercury and Cadmium Organometallics


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