Comprehensive Natural Products II: Chemistry and Biology book cover

Comprehensive Natural Products II: Chemistry and Biology

10 Volume Set

This work presents a definitive interpretation of the current status of and future trends in natural products-a dynamic field at the intersection of chemistry and biology concerned with isolation, identification, structure elucidation, and chemical characteristics of naturally occurring compounds such as pheromones, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and enzymes. With more than 1,800 color figures, Comprehensive Natural Products II features 100% new material and complements rather than replaces the original work ( 1999).


For chemists, biologists and pharmaceutical scientists researching naturally occurring compounds and their applications in health and medicine.


Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-045381-1


  • Advanced praise for Comprehensive Natural Products II:

    Writing in the preface, renowned natural products chemist Koji Nakanishi praises “Lew Mander and Hung-Wen (Ben) Liu for having assembled an extraordinary team of editors for the nine volumes, who in turn have brought together top natural products scientists to review the respective topics…CONAP II should not be regarded merely as a reference source. Instead, one can take it from the bookshelf, flip through the pages, and go through some sections for one’s entertainment and knowledge enhancement.”

    Reviews of the first edition:

    “A marvelous and monumental piece of work.”
    -Journal of the American Chemical Society

    “This work is essential for libraries at institutions where natural product research is seriously pursued or contemplated.”


  • Natural Products Structural Diversity-I Secondary Metabolites: Organization and Biosynthesis - fatty acids, polyketide synthases (PKS), terpenes
    Natural Products Structural Diversity-II Secondary Metabolites: Sources, Structures and Chemical Biology
     - marine, microorganism, bacteria
    Development & Modification of Bioactivity - developing drugs from natural products; chemistry of key natural products (tea, cannabis etc)
    Chemical Ecology - hormones, pheromones, chemical defence and toxins, antifeedants, allelochemicals
    Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins - natural, unnatural, sources and uses
    Carbohydrates, Nucleosides & Nucleic Acids - vaccines, synthesis, enzymatic and biosynthesis of carbohydrate molecules
    Cofactors -vitamins and co-factors, co-enzymes, thiamine, pyridoxal phosphate,
    Enzymes and Enzyme Mechanisms - evolution, mechanism and studies;
    Modern Methods for the Investigation of Natural Products  - analytical techniques to investigate structures and methods used by natural product scientists.


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