Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry II book cover

Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry II

A Review of the Literature 1982-1995


Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-042072-1


  • The second edition of Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry overview and will be an invaluable tool for all organic chemists until well into the next millennium. The information is well presented with adequate mechanistic discussion and good structural formulae.
    Chemistry & Industry, 1997

    With this large set Pergamon Press continues its efforts to present broad, scholarly overviews of major areas of chemical research. Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry II (CHEC-II) is a "sequel" to 1984's Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry...Together these two sets offer chemists an alternative means of accessing the formidable literature dealing with heterocyclic substances. An interesting feature of CHEC-II is its unique method of providing literature references...the reference (87TL2827) translates at Tetrahedron Letters, 1987, page 2827.... In a work that contains over 50 000 total references, this is a useful time-saving device.... Its logical organization and text-based approach make it easier for nonspecialists and advanced students to consult, and its indexes are thorough and very helpful.
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1997
    The vital roles played by heterocycles has contributed to the importance of this area of chemistry. The set Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry has now been updated only twelve years after the first edition. The 9 volume editors and the three editors-in-chief have done a very good job unifying the contributions of the Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry I and II before starting and while working on a new research project is highly recommended. Clearly Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry II is a must for all chemistry libraries and for all those research groups employing heterocyclic chemistry. Also libraries used by scientists working on biological problems, on natural products or in material sciences should have access to Comprehensive Heterocyclic II. Therefore each science library should have a copy of the new edition...the authors, volume-editors and editor-in-chief should be congratulated for their efforts.
    Synthesis, 1998
    This set is composed of monographic chapters logically organized by ring size and heteroatom content... All authors are experts in their respective areas of research, and the series is packed with informative structural drawings and equations that allow for quick referencing. More than 80,000 subject entries have been categorically indexed. There is little overlap in content with the previous series, Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry. This valuable treatise is truly a treasure to all who are involved with research and education in heterocyclic chemistry. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals.
    CHOICE, 1998
    ...a truly comprehensive review, covering every area of heterocyclic chemistry, from 3-membered species to 10-membered and larger ones.
    The review is edited by Alan Katritzky, Charles Rees and Eric Scriven, and each volume contains 20-40 papers from the leading chemists in each area of heterocyclic chemistry.... Each chapter describes in detail the structures, thermodynamics, reactivities and applications of a range of chemicals within a particular class, starting with aziridines and azirines and ending with 10-membered or larger rings with more than one heteroatom. The work is illustrated throughout with chemical structures and reaction schemes, and should prove invaluable to any chemist working in the field of heterocyclics.

    Speciality Chemicals, 1999


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