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Comprehensive Chirality

9 Volume Set

Although many books exist on the subject of chiral chemistry, they only briefly cover chiral synthesis and analysis as a minor part of a larger work, to date there are none that pull together the background information and latest advances in one comprehensive reference work. Comprehensive Chirality provides a complete overview of the field, and includes chiral research relevant to synthesis, analytic chemistry, catalysis, and pharmaceuticals. The individual chapters in each of the 9 volumes provide an in depth review and collection of references on definition, technology, applications and a guide/links to the related literature. Whether in an Academic or Corporate setting, these chapters will form an invaluable resource for advanced students/researchers new to an area and those who need further background or answers to a particular problem, particularly in the development of drugs.


Graduate students and researchers working in organic, medicinal, and biological chemistry, as well as pharmacologists and toxicologists.

Hardbound, 5648 Pages

Published: September 2012

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-095167-6


  • Volume 1: Biological significance - Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical

    Volume 2: Synthetic Methods I - Chiral Pool and Diastereoselective Methods

    Volume 3: Synthetic Methods II - Chiral Auxiliaries

    Volume 4: Synthetic Methods III - Catalytic Methods: C-C Bond Formation

    Volume 5: Synthetic Methods IV - Asymmetric Oxidation Reduction, C-N

    Volume 6: Synthetic Methods V - Organocatalysis

    Volume 7: Synthetic Methods VI - Enzymatic and Semi-Enzymatic

    Volume 8: Separations and Analysis

    Volume 9: Industrial Applications of Asymmetric Synthesis


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