Complex Movement Behaviour

`The' Motor-Action Controversy

Edited By

  • O.G. Meijer
  • K. Roth

The major focus of this book is on the differences between ecological approaches to action (`action theories'), and theories on motor control and learning couched in terms of information processing (`motor theories'). Proponents of both approaches express their views in Part 1 and the differences between the approaches are further analysed. Part 2 presents empirical studies, while in Part 3, methodological, philosophical and scientific implications are discussed and the possibility of a solution is considered.
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Book information

  • Published: March 1988
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-70389-7

Table of Contents

Setting the Stage: `The' Motor-Action Controversy. (Contributors: R.A. Schmidt; E.S. Reed; P.C.W. van Wieringen; P.J. Beek, O.G. Meijer).Complex Movement Behaviour: Empirical Studies. (Contributors: R.J. Bootsma, P.C.W. van Wieringen; T.D. Lee; K.-H. Leist; R.A. Magill; T. Mulder, W. Hulstijn; K. Roth; J.B. Shea, S.T. Zimny; S. Swinnen; W.H. Warren, Jr.; H.T.A. Whiting). Motor and Action Approaches: Theoretical Considerations. (Contributors: H. Heuer; D.S. Young; J.W.I. Tamboer; L. Pickenhain; O.G. Meijer, R.C. Wagenaar, F.C.M. Blankendaal).