Complementary Medicine book cover

Complementary Medicine

A Guide for Pharmacists

An easy-to-navigate handbook to help pharmacists advise on complementary and alternative medicine and recommend what is available and what may be appropriate for a particular patient. With an overview of CAM therapies, the book focuses on specific conditions, with more detail on those relevant to pharmacists including asthma, pain relief, and more. The book also contains contact numbers and addresses of relevant self-help groups, further reading where available, and advice on OTC products sold by pharmacies.

Online version, 320 Pages

Published: October 2006

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-6366-4


  • 1. Complementary therapies, holistic medicine and the placebo effect

    2. Herbal Medicine, phytotherapy and nutraceuticals

    3. Homeopathy and aromatherapy

    4. Physical therapies

    5. Emotional and psychological therapies


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