Complementary Formulary book cover

Complementary Formulary

A Guide for Prescribers

Embracing the fields of nutritional supplementation, herbal medicines, homoeopathy and the Bach Flower Remedies, there are over 850 alphabetical entries of diseases and syndromes, adequately cross-referenced. There is also much extra useful clinical information given under the entries, as well as valuable and detailed introductory sections about the various complementary specialities.

Also included are a number of important Appendices, comprising the clinical recognition of some important syndromes, herb/drug/supplement interactions and side-effects (in tabular form), a new and thorough physics of homoeopathy, a list of professional suppliers, and an index of medicaments.

Written by an established author and expert of over 25 years clinical experience, this book enables the user to prescribe complementary medicinal therapies with safety and speed, even with only minimal previous knowledge of them. It is ideal for the hectic clinical situation, and is the perfect book to keep at hand, either under the counter or on the desk top. A truly modern, practical, comprehensive and indispensable work.


Published: September 2001

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-5389-3


  • Part 1: Quick Guide: A Quick Guide to the Use of the Formulary; An example from the text; Table of abbreviations; Table of Anglo-American spelling conversion; Part 2: General information: Nutritional supplements; Herbal medicines; Homoeopathic remedies; Bach Flower remedies; Part 3: The Formulary: The icons of the Formulary; The Formulary; Part 4: Additional Information: Appendix 1: Clinical manifestations and indications of some important syndromes; Chronic gastrointestinal candidiasis; Fibromyalgia; Hypoglycaemia (non-diabetic/reactive); Iron deficiency; Menopausal arthritis; Reversible adrenal depletion; Appendix 2: Herb/drug/supplement interactions, side-effects and contraindications; Appendix 3: A new physics of homoeopathic pharmacy; Appendix 4: List of professional suppliers (with international mail order facilities); Appendix 5: Index of medicaments: Nutritional supplements; Herbal medicines; Homoeopathic remedies; Bach Flower remedies; Injections: Ruta graveolens; Vitamin B12 (hydroxocobalamin)


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