Community/Public Health Nursing Practice

Health for Families and Populations


  • Frances Maurer, MS, RN-BC, Community Health Educator and Consultant, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Claudia Smith, PhD, MPH, RN-BC, Community/Public Health Nursing Educator and Consultant, Bowie, Maryland

Focusing on practical, need-to-know information, Community/Public Health Nursing Practice helps you learn how to apply the nursing process at the community and family level. It features an engaging, easy-to-understand writing style, as well as assessment tools, detailed case studies, and clinical examples that demonstrate how key concepts apply to real-world practice. Additional resources on the companion Evolve website expand and enhance content within the text.
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Book information

  • Published:
  • Imprint: SAUNDERS
  • ISBN: 978-1-4557-4246-2

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Role and Context of Community/Public Health Nursing Practice

1. Responsibilities for Care in Community/Public Health Nursing

2. Origins and Future of Community/Public Health Nursing

3. The United States Health Care System

4. Financing of Health Care: Context for Community/Public Health Nursing

5. Global Health

6. Legal Context for Community/Public Health Nursing Practice

Unit 2: Core Concepts for the Practice of Community/Public Health Nursing

7. Epidemiology: Unraveling the Mysteries of Disease and Health

8. Communicable Diseases

9. Environmental Health Risks: At Home, at Work, and in the Community

10. Relevance of Culture and Values for Community/Public Health Nursing

Unit 3: Family as Client

11. Home Visit: Opening the Doors for Family Health

12. A Family Perspective in Community/Public Health Nursing

13. Family Case Management

14. Multiproblem Families

Unit 4: Community as Client

15. Community Assessment

16. Community Diagnosis, Planning, and Intervention

17. Evaluation of Nursing Care with Communities

Unit 5: Tools for Practice

18. Health Promotion and Risk Reduction in the Community

19. Screening and Referral

20. Health Teaching

Unit 6: Contemporary Problems in Community/Public Health Nursing

21. Vulnerable Populations

22. Disaster Management: Caring for Communities in an Emergency

23. Violence: A Social and Family Problem

24. Adolescent Sexual Activity and Teenage Pregnancy

25. Substance Use Disorders

Unit 7: Support for Special Populations

26. Rehabilitation Clients in the Community

27. Children in the Community

28. Elderly Persons in the Community

Unit 8: Settings for Community/Public Health Nursing Practice

29. State and Local Health Departments

30. School Health

31. Home Health Care

32. Rural Health

33. Community Mental Health