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Core Interpersonal Skills for Health Professionals

This text introduces health sciences students to the various interpersonal communication skills that are commonly used within health settings to establish relationships with clients and fellow professionals, and improve therapeutic outcomes. It focuses on developing self awareness and skills for use in health settings and covers the types of scenarios commonly encountered in health settings that are rarely covered in generic professional communication texts. Perspectives and examples are drawn from a wide range of health professions. The book includes activities that will enable students to reflect on their experiences and practice using the skills.


Published: October 2012

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-8100-4


  • Section 1  The Significance of Interpersonal Communication in the Health Professions
    1. Defining communication for health professionals
    2. The overall goal of communication for health professionals
    3. The specific goals of communication for health professionals: 1
    4. The specific goals of communication for health professionals: 2
    Section 2 - Developing Awareness to Achieve Effective Communication in the Health Professions
    5. Awareness of and need for reflective practice
    6. Awareness of self
    7. Awareness of how Personal Assumptions affect communication
    8. Awareness of the ‘Person/s’
    9. Awareness of Listening to facilitate Person/s-centred communication
    10. Awareness of different environments that can affect communication
    Section 3 - Understanding and Managing Realities Of Communication In The Health Professions
    11. Communication with the whole Person/s
    12. Non-verbal communication
    13. Conflict and communication
    14. Culturally competent communication
    15. Communicating with Indigenous Peoples
    16. Misunderstandings and communication
    17. Ethical Communication
    18. Remote communication
    Section 4 - The focus of communication in the health professions: Person/s


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