Combined Movement Theory book cover

Combined Movement Theory

Rational Mobilization and Manipulation of the Vertebral Column

This new title expands on the widely used concept of combined movements and incorporates both grade IV- manipulative thrust techniques and muscle energy / proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques. It is the first to include chapters on cervical artery dysfunction (VBI) and upper cervical instability with clinical chapters on the regional management of spinal dysfunction. The first section discusses the underlying theoretical concepts underpinning combined movements theory and manipulation, with the second section offering a comprehensive manual of tests and treatments for each region of the spine. Revision multiple choice tests are at the ends of the theoretical chapters.

A chapter on home exercise is included along with a DVD of video clips and clinical reasoning form. The book will provide readers with a comprehensive resource to start using combined movements theory immediately and is a real substitute to attending a course on the method. The book is an update, expansion and development of the Manual of Combined Movements published by Brian Edwards.


Qualified physiotherapists and manual therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors; undergraduates/postgraduates in these areas

Paperback, 226 Pages

Published: May 2010

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-06857-7


  • Contributors

    1 Introduction to Combined Movement Theory
    Chris McCarthy

    2 Theoretical Basis of Combined Movement Theory
    Chris McCarthy and Louise Potter

    3 The Theory of Clinical Reasoning In Combined Movement Theory
    Roger Kerry

    4 The Principles of Combined Movement Assessment
    Chris McCarthy

    5 Neurological Assessment
    Chris McCarthy

    6 Haemodynamics
    Roger Kerry, Alan J Taylor

    7 Principles and Progression of Combined Movements 
    Chris McCarthy

    8 Upper Cervical Spine
    Gail Forrester and Chris McCarthy

    9 Mid and Lower Cervical spine
    Ioannis Paneris and Chris McCarthy

    10 Thoracic Spine
    Ioannis Paneris and Chris McCarthy

    11 Lumbo-Sacral Spine
    Ioannis Paneris and Chris McCarthy

    12 Sacroiliac Joint
    Ioannis Paneris and Chris McCarthy

    13 Home Treatment Programmes
    Chris McCarthy


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