Color Atlas of Emergency Department Procedures book cover

Color Atlas of Emergency Department Procedures

This brand-new book offers virtual hands-on experience to over 65 emergency procedures, allowing readers to rehearse them over again in their mind—then perform them on demand correctly. Inside, they'll find color drawings of each procedure that illuminate relevant anatomical structures and their relationship to each new step paired with full-color photographs that provide a realistic clinical view of the identical anatomy. Plus, each step is accompanied by concise text, allowing the illustrations and photographs to guide clinicians effortlessly through the procedure.

Hardbound, 224 Pages

Published: September 2004

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7216-0447-3


  • CHAPTER 1: Arthrocentesis

    A. Arthrocentesis of Knee
    B. Arthrocentesis of Ankle
    C. Arthrocentesis of Elbow

    CHAPTER 2: Central Vein Catheterization

    A. Anatomical Approaches for Central Vein Catheterization
    1. Subclavian Vein-Infraclavicular Approach
    2. Subclavian Vein-Supraclavicular Approach
    3. Internal Jugular Vein-Central Approach
    4. Internal Jugular Vein-Posterior Approach
    5. Femoral Vein Approach
    B. The Seldinger technique

    CHAPTER 3: Compartment Pressures

    A. Stryker Compartment Pressure Monitoring Device Steps
    B. Approach for each Anatomical Compartment
    1. Forearm Compartments
    a. Volar Compartment of Forearm
    b. Dorsal Compartment of Forearm
    c. Mobile Wad Compartment of Forearm
    2. Leg Compartments
    a. Anterior Compartment of Leg
    b. Deep Posterior Compartment of Leg
    c. Superficial Posterior Compartment of Leg
    d. Lateral Compartment of Leg

    CHAPTER 4: Cricothyroidotomy

    CHAPTER 5: Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage

    CHAPTER 6: Intraosseous Line Placement

    7-Lateral Canthotomy
    8-Lumbar Puncture
    9-Nerve Blocks of the Face, Head and Oral Cavity
    A. Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block
    B. Nerve Blocks of the Palate
    1. Anterior Palate
    2. Posterior Palate
    C. Periapical Nerve Block of the Teeth
    D. Supraorbital Nerve Block
    E. Infraorbital Nerve Block
    1. Extraoral Approach
    2. Intraoral Approach
    F. Mental Nerve Block
    1. Extraoral Approach
    2. Intraoral Approach
    G. Nerve Blocks of the Ear
    H. Nerve Blocks of the Scalp

    CHAPTER 10: Nerve Blocks of the Foot

    A. Posterior Tibial Nerve Block
    B. Sural Nerve Block
    C. Peroneal Nerve Block
    D. Digital Nerve Block of Toe
    1. Lateral Approach
    2. Web Space Approach

    CHAPTER 11: Nerve Blocks of the Hand

    A. Radial Nerve Block
    B. Median Nerve Block
    C. Ulnar Nerve Block
    D. Digital Nerve Block of Finger
    1. Lateral Approach
    2. Web Space Approach

    CHAPTER 12: Ophthalmologic Procedures

    A. Shiotz Tonometry
    B. Tonopen

    CHAPTER 13: Paracentesis

    CHAPTER 14: Pericardiocentesis

    CHAPTER 15: Radial Artery Line Placement

    CHAPTER 16: Raney Clip Application

    CHAPTER 17: Suprapubic Bladder Aspiration

    CHAPTER 18: Thoracentesis

    CHAPTER 19: Thoracotomy

    CHAPTER 20: Tube Thoracostomy

    CHAPTER 21: Venous Cutdown

    CHAPTER 22: Wound Care Procedures

    A. Preparing the Skin for Wound Repair
    B. Instrument Tie
    C. Simple Interrupted Suture
    D. Continuous Suture
    E. Continouus Locked Suture
    F. Horizontal Mattress Suture
    G. Vertical Mattress Suture
    H. Deep Suture
    I. Staple Application
    J. Staple Removal
    K. Wound Closure Tape Application


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