Cognitive Systems - Information Processing Meets Brain Science


  • Richard Morris, Division of Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh, U.K.
  • Lionel Tarassenko, Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Oxford University, UK
  • Michael Kenward, Kenward Words, Ltd., West Sussex, U.K.

This book presents an overview of the exciting, truly multidisciplinary research by neuroscientists and systems engineers in the emerging field of cognitive systems, providing a cross-disciplinary examination of this cutting-edge area of scientific research. This is a great example of where research in very different disciplines touches to create a new emerging area of research. The book illustrates some of the technical developments that could arise from our growing understanding of how living cognitive systems behave, and the ability to use that knowledge in the design of artificial systems. This unique book is of considerable interest to researchers and students in information science, neuroscience, psychology, engineering and adjacent fields.
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Neuroscientists, psychologists, and engineers.


Book information

  • Published: August 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-088566-4


"Any neurosurgeon interested in how the brain functions or in computer science will find this an interesting book." --NEUROSURGERY QUATERLY (2006) " interesting collection of very readable reviews of some of the most fascinating areas in cognitive and computer science." --BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS (February 2006)

Table of Contents

Section 1: HOW TO DESIGN A COGNITIVE SYSTEMIntroduction: How to Design a Cognitive System;Self-Organisation in the Nervous System; Large–Scale, Small-Scale Systems;Section 2: COGNITIVE SYSTEMS IN TOUCH WITH THE WORLDIntroduction: Cognitive Systems in Touch with the World; Representation; Sensory Processing;Speech and Language; Section 3: COGNITIVE SYSTEMS IN ACTION Introduction: Cognitive Systems Need to Plan, to Interact with Others and to Act; Action; Social Cognition; Interaction, Planning & Motivation; Section 4: MEMORYIntroduction: Cognitive Systems Remember Experience;Learning and Memory; Memory, Reasoning and Learning; Section 5: SCIENCE APPLIEDAdvanced Neuroscience Technologies; Applications and Impact