Coder's Resource Handbook

This portable, spiral-bound reference may be used with any coding textbook in a medical insurance, billing, and coding program. It's also a handy reference for practicing coders who need quick access to common information or a quick brush-up on common coding rules, terminology, abbreviations, and acronyms. Easy to carry and refer to, this book eliminates the need to rely on bulky reference books for the commonly used codes.

Spiral Bound, 240 Pages

Published: April 2007

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-3753-8


  • 1. Common Reference Tools




    2. ICD-9-CM Coding Reference Tools

    General ICD-9-CM Book Index

    General VCode/E Code Index

    Trauma Index

    ICD-9-CM Guidelines

    Adverse Affects Drugs/Poisoning Decision Tree

    Pregnancy Coding Decision Tree

    Source Document Illustrations

    Specialty Coding Guidelines

    Common ICD-9-CM Codes by Specialty

    Common ICD-9-CM Codes by Type

    3. CPT Coding Reference Tools

    CPT Book Index

    General Guidelines

    Modifier Codes Grid

    Other CPT Guidelines

    Source Documents

    Specific CPT Coding Guidelines

    4. Auditing Tools

    Data Entry

    Claims Review Process

    Chart-Audit Logsheet

    E&M Audit Worksheet

    Practice Protocol Worksheet



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