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Coatings on Glass

Twice reprinted and now also available in a paperback edition, this book has already proved invaluable to a wide range of readers. Written by a scientist for scientists and technical people, it goes beyond the subject matter indicated by the title, filling the gap which previously existed in the available technical literature. It includes a wealth of information for physicists, chemists and engineers who need to know more about thin films for research purposes, or who want to use this special form of solid material to achieve a variety of application-oriented goals.


Published: June 1984

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-42360-3


  • There is little doubt that (the book) will be recognised as one of the standard texts in the field for many years.
    Glass Technology

    This is an important review and compendium covering the wide ranging techniques available for the production, evaluation as well as the design of all types of thin films on glass surfaces. It includes a wealth of information based on the author's extensive experience and personal involvement with this field... It is evident that the subject covers a wide range of interests not limited to the physics and chemistry of thin films, but including many branches of technology. A detailed survey of the literature would not only have to be extremely extensive, but scattered through a variety of journals (and books) in many disciplines. Books such as this are therefore of particular importance not only to the newcomers to the field, but also to those with more specialist interest.


  • 1. Introduction and History. 2. Composition, Structure and Properties of Inorganic and Organic Glasses. 3. Nature of a Surface. 4. Cleaning of Substrate Surfaces. 5. Glass and Thin Films. 6. Film Formation Methods. 7. Film Thickness. 8. Properties of Thin Films. 9. Application of Coatings on Glass. Author Index.


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