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Coatings Basics


Based on the author's substantial experience in coatings education, this book meets the growing demand for a professional but concise introduction to coatings technology for non-coatings specialists and business professionals.

Andrie Winkelaar provides an overview of the development, manufacture and application of paint products and coatings, covering the scientific fundamentals and practical aspects, along with health & safety and environmental concerns. Through a survey of the formulation of paint, the reader gains a firm understanding of why different product types are particularly suited to different applications. Understanding the basic chemistry of paint enables the reader to appreciate health and environmental issues and performance trade-offs. The author also provides practical guidance on the choice, application and testing of paint products.

From basic chemical reactions to coatings ingredients through to production, application and environmental protection, all key areas of paint technology are covered and richly illustrated with numerous photographs. Coatings Basics offers a concise introduction for non-specialists and business professionals while providing fresh insights and background knowledge for experienced professionals.


The wide range of technical and business professionals working with paints and coatings, who have no formal educational background in the subject. Key sectors include automotive, construction, furniture and consumer goods, manufacturing, civil engineering. Professional roles include managers, engineers, technicians, sales representatives and production workers and supervisors.

Hardbound, 140 Pages

Published: February 2010

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-3-86630-851-0


  • What is paint or a coating; Basic Principles of Chemistry; Paint Ingredients; Consistency and Stability; Coating Properties; Paint Products and Paint formula; Paint production; Application, Drying and Removal; Paint test Methods; Health, Safety and Environment


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