Coastal Meteorology book cover

Coastal Meteorology

Coastal meteorology is an integral part of the total system approach to understanding coastal environments. This book provides information for students who are not necessarily majoring in meteorology or atmospheric sciences but who nonetheless have need of such knowledge. Scientists, engineers, and coastal planners will also find this book a useful resource for familiarizing themselves with meteorological information.

Meteorologists, marine and coastal engineers, coastal environmental scientists, physical oceanographers, and graduate-level students in these fields.

Hardbound, 260 Pages

Published: May 1988

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-357955-3


  • "The book is nicely illustrated and contains most of what an undergraduate student needs to satisfy his/her curiosity about atmospheric principles (provided that mathematics is a subject of love and not of anxieties) before embarking on other marine topics of more focussed choice."


  • Introduction. Radiation. Atmospheric Thermodyanmics. Atmospheric Dynamics. Synoptic Meteorology and Weather at Sea. Atmospheric Boundary Layers and Air-Sea Interaction. Air-Sea-Land Interaction. Engineering Meteorology. Appendix A. Units, Constants, and Conversions. Appendix B. The Beaufort Wind Scale. Appendix C. The Saffir/Simpson Damage-Potential Scale. Appendix D. Decomposition of the Vector Wind into U and V Components. Appendix E. List of Symbols for Surface Analysis.References. Index


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