Clusterin book cover


Hardbound, 350 Pages

Published: November 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374772-3


  • "This classic and essential series presents critical overviews on select aspects of both cancer research and the basic underlying sciences."
    -- American Scientist
    "Excellent, highly informative, in-depth reviews...expertly written, up-to-date, and well-referenced."
    -- Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
    "This is a series that has a long tradition of excellence in the field of cancer biology."
    -- Doody's Publishing Reviews


  • . Introduction

    Saverio Bettuzzi

    2. Clusterin (CLU): From One Gene and Two

    Transcripts to Many Proteins

    Federica Rizzi, Mariangela Coletta, and Saverio Bettuzzi

    3. The Shifting Balance Between CLU Forms

    During Tumor Progression

    Sabina Pucci and Saverio Bettuzzi

    4. Regulation of Clusterin Activity by Calcium

    Beata Pajak and Arkadiusz Orzechowski

    5. Nuclear CLU (nCLU) and the Fate of the Cell

    Saverio Bettuzzi and Federica Rizzi

    6. The Chaperone Action of Clusterin and Its Putative Role

    in Quality Control of Extracellular Protein Folding

    Amy Wyatt, Justin Yerbury, Stephen Poon,

    Rebecca Dabbs, and Mark Wilson

    7. Cell Protective Functions of Secretory

    Clusterin (sCLU)

    Gerd Klocks, Markus Baiersdo¨ rfer, and Claudia Koch-Brandt

    8. Clusterin: A Multifacet Protein at the Crossroad of

    Inflammation and Autoimmunity

    Ge´ raldine Falgarone and Gilles Chiocchia

    9. Oxidative Stress in Malignant Progression: The Role of Clusterin,

    A Sensitive Cellular Biosensor of Free Radicals

    Ioannis P. Trougakos and Efstathios S. Gonos


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