Clinical Wards Secrets book cover

Clinical Wards Secrets

Finally, a book that answers the questions you have as you begin your clinical rotations. In the popular format of the Secrets Series, this book will help ease the transition from the classroom to the clinical wards. The popular Q&A format is an easy-to-use, didactic approach and covers all of the important procedures and processes you will need to know in the hospital, in the clinic, and on the ward. Throughout you will find valuable tips and “secrets” written by students and residents. This student-to-student approach ensures you are getting the most current and accurate information.

3rd and/or 4th year medical students who are entering their clerkships

Paperback, 184 Pages

Published: December 2008

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-05750-9


  • 1 The U.S. Healthcare System, Mitesh S. Patel

    2 The Emergency Department, Aditi Saxena

    3 The Admissions Process, Mitesh S. Patel

    4 Labs and Diagnostic Tests, Eric W. Schneider

    5 Medical Documentation and Writing Orders, Javier A. Valle, Mitesh S. Patel, and Joseph D. Maratt

    6 Rounds, Javier A. Valle

    7 Consults, Derek K. Juang

    8 Surgery, Stephen Y. Kang

    9 Intensive Care Unit, Derek K. Juang and Mitesh S. Patel

    10 The Discharge Process, Mitesh S. Patel

    11 Outpatient Medicine, Nitin K. Gupta

    12 Procedures, Derek K. Juang

    Glossary: Common Abbreviations Used in Medicine

    Appendix A History Taking, Derek K. Juang and Mitesh S. Patel

    Appendix B Neurological Exam, Derek K. Juang and Mitesh S. Patel

    Appendix C Miscellaneous, Derek K. Juang and Mitesh S. Patel


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