Clinical Veterinary Toxicology


  • Konnie Plumlee, DVM, MS, Arkansas Diagnostic Laboratory, Livestock and Poultry Commission, Little Rock, AR

This book covers all aspects of toxicology, including toxic diseases of large animals, small animals, and exotic pets. It provides key information on how poisons affect the body, how the body responds to a foreign substance, how poisonings are diagnosed, and how poisonings are treated.

Coverage includes every organ system of every species of animal with details on each body system's susceptibility to poison. Poisons affect animals differently depending on species, breed, age, gender, health status, and reproductive status. This resource addresses these differences, allowing the veterinarian to determine the class of toxicant, the mechanism of action, and the proper course of treatment. If confronted with an unknown poison, the information in this book will assist the veterinarian in formulating a list of potential poisons based on the clinical signs that the animal is exhibiting, and in choosing the appropriate tests to narrow the list to one or a few possible poisons.
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Book information

  • Published: December 2003
  • Imprint: MOSBY
  • ISBN: 978-0-323-01125-9

Table of Contents

Part One: Principles of Toxicology
1. Concepts and Terminology
2. Toxicokinetics
3. Treatment
4. Diagnostic Toxicology
5. Regulatory Toxicology
Part Two: Manifestations of Toxicoses
6. Cardiovascular System
7. Dermal System
8. Endocrine System
9. Gastrointestinal System
10. Hematic System
11. Hepatobiliary System
12. Musculoskeletal System
13. Nervous System
14. Renal System
15. Reproductive System
16. Respiratory System
17. Sudden Death
Part Three: Classes of Toxicants
18. Biotoxins
19. Feed-Associated Toxicants
20. Household and Industrial Products
21. Insecticides and Molluscicides
22. Metals and Minerals
23. Mycotoxins
24. Pharmaceuticals
25. Plants
26. Rodenticides and Avicides