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Clinical Sports Medicine

Medical Management and Rehabilitation, Text with CD-ROM

Only a fraction of sports medicine injuries require surgery, but most sports references emphasize surgical management over medical management and rehabilitation. This is only comprehensive Sports Medicine resource to focus on the medical management and rehabilitation of patients. Written by some of the most prominent names in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, this volume fills a void by providing you with a top-notch sports medicine reference aimed at non-surgeons. The international contributors to this book present you with global "best practices" from world leaders in the field.

Physciatrists, Orthopedists, Family Practitioners and Internists.


Published: September 2006

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-2443-9


  • Section I - General Concepts

    Sports Medicine: a Definition

    Principles of Exercise Physiology and Conditioning

    Environmental Factors and Sports Performance

    The Role of Diet and Nutritional Supplements

    Special Considerations in the Pediatric and Adolescent Athlete

    Special Considerations in the Female Athlete

    Special Considerations in the Older Athlete

    Special Considerations in the Disabled Athlete

    Performance Enhancing Drugs

    Traveling with Sports Teams

    General Medical Problems of the Athlete

    Section II – Principles of Injury Care and Rehabilitation

    Epidemiology of Athletic Injuries

    Field Evaluation of the Injured Athlete

    Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Imaging

    Prescribing Medications for Pain and Inflammation

    Rehabilitation of the Athlete

    Physical Medicine and Modalities

    Orthotics for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

    Injections and Other Therapeutic Procedures

    Complimentary and Alternative Medicine in the Athlete

    Aquatic Rehabilitation

    Return to Training and Competition

    Section III – Specific Injuries by Anatomical Location



    Shoulder and Arm

    Wrist and Hand

    Mid and Low Back









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