Clinical Skills in Treating the Foot book cover

Clinical Skills in Treating the Foot

The eagerly awaited new edition of Clinical Skills in Treating the Foot has been revised and updated with the needs of a broad range of health professionals in mind. For anyone treating patients with foot disorders, Clinical Skills in Treating the Foot will provide invaluable support through three key areas: Section 1 is concerned with the general principles of managing foot disorders and the context in which treatment of the foot takes place. Included are chapters on treatment planning, evidence based practice, governance and audit, clinical protocols, clinical emergencies and health promotion. Section 2 examines the application of clinical therapeutics to foot disease and includes chapters on operative techniques, surgery and the foot, pharmacology, physical therapy, mechanical therapeutics, chairside devices, prescription devices and footwear therapy. Section 3 considers the particular needs of special groups and includes chapters on the adult foot, the child's foot, sports injuries and management of tissue viability. With its clarity of text and liberal use of case studies and illustrations, the latest edition of Clinical Skills will be required reading for practising and student podiatrists. It will also be a valuable reference and guide for all others involved in the provision of treatment of the foot. This book has been written as a companion volume to the editors' Assessment of the Lower Limb, also published by Elsevier Churchill Livingstone.

Hardbound, 496 Pages

Published: August 2005

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07113-3


  • Section 1 Essential Principles of Management
    1. Treatment Planning
    2. Evidence Based Practice and Clinical Governance
    3. Clinical Protocols
    4. Clinical Emergencies
    5. Health and Health Promotion
    Section 2 Methods of Managing Foot Conditions
    6. Operative Techniques
    7. Surgery and the Foot
    8. Pharmacology
    9. Physical Therapy
    10. Mechanical Therapy
    11. Mechanical Therapeutics in the Clinic
    12. Prescription Orthoses
    13. Footwear Therapy
    Section 3 Managing Specific Client Groups
    14. The Adult Foot
    15. The Child’s Foot
    16. Management of the Sports Patient
    17. Management of Tissue Viability


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