Clinical Reasoning for Manual Therapists book cover

Clinical Reasoning for Manual Therapists

The purpose of this book is to increase the readers' awareness of clinical reasoning, including factors that influence reasoning and how to promote skilled reasoning. This book will provide the reader with opportunities to improve their reasoning through facilitated analysis of case studies and access to the reasoning of experts from around the world for comparison to their own.

Hardbound, 460 Pages

Published: November 2003

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-3906-4


  • Introduction

    Section 1: Principles of clinical reasoning in manual therapy

    1. Introduction to clinical reasoning

    Section 2: Clinical reasoning in action: case studies from expert manual therapists

    2. Back and bilateral leg pain in a 63 year old woman
    3. Ongoing low back, leg and thorax troubles, with tennis elbow and headache
    4. Chronic low back pain over 13 years
    5. Unnecessary fear aviodance and physical incapacity in a 55 year old housewife
    6. A chronic case of mechanic's elbow
    7. Chronic low back and coccygeal pain
    8. Ankle sprain in a 14 year old girl
    9. Headache in a mature athlete
    10. Thoracic pain limiting a patient's secretarial work and sport
    11. Bilateral shoulder pain in a 16 year old long-distance swimmer
    12. Medial collateral ligament repair in a professional ice hocket player
    13. Patellofemoral pain in a professional tennis player
    14. Self-management guided by directional preference and centralization in a patient with low back and leg pain
    15. Craniovertebral dysfunction following a motor vehicle accident
    16.A judge's fractured redius with metal fixation following an accident
    17. A university student with chronic facial pain
    18. Adolescent hip pain
    19. A software programmer and sportsman with low back pain and sciatica
    20.An elderl woman 'trapped within her own home' by groin pain
    21. Chronic peripartum pelvic pain
    22. Acute on chronic low back pain
    23. A non-musculoskeletal disorder masquerading as a musculoskeletal disorder
    24. Forearm pain preventing leisure activities

    Section 3: Theroy and development

    25. Educational theory and principles related to learning clinical reasoning
    26. Improving clinical reasoning in manual therapy

    Appendix 1: Reflective diary

    Appendix 2: Self-reflection worksheet



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