Clinical Problem Solving in Prosthodontics book cover

Clinical Problem Solving in Prosthodontics

This practical resource addresses a range of clinical problems in prosthetic dentistry and provides a step-by-step guide to differential diagnosis and treatment planning. Emphasizing clinical-problem solving, it helps readers combine different dental procedures into a rational plan of treatment for patients who may have a number of different dental problems that require attention.

Paperback, 104 Pages

Published: October 2003

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07282-6


  • 1. Discoloured teeth: Cases A and B
    2. Failing crowns: Cases C and D
    3. Occlusion: Case E
    4. Tooth wear: Case F
    5. Shortened teeth: Case G
    6. Tooth wear: Case H
    7. Posts: Case I
    8. Bridge design: Case J and K
    9. Single missing anterior teeth: Case L
    10. Single missing posterior teeth: Case M
    11. Missing anterior teeth: Case N
    12. Missing posterior teeth: Case O
    13. Overdentures: Case P
    14. Edentulous maxilla: Cases Q and U
    15. Complete dentures: Case R
    16. Failed crown and bridge: Cases S and T


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