Clinical Nutrition book cover

Clinical Nutrition

Enteral and Tube Feeding, Text with CD-ROM

This definitive reference presents the most comprehensive, clinically relevant coverage of nutrition in enteral and tube feeding. The New Edition has been completely revamped by a multidisciplinary editorial team to reflect all of the latest technology and nutritional knowledge, as well as the new, collaborative nature of contemporary clinical practice. Plus, a new bonus CD-ROM delivers self-assessment questions and answers, and a downloadable image collection of illustrations from the book.

Surgeons, Dieticians, Critical Care Physicians, Gastroenterologists, Pharmacists, Nurses and Health Science Libraries


Published: October 2004

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7216-0379-7


  • Introduction

    Chapter 1 Rationale for the Multidisciplinary: Approach to Clinical Enteral Nutrition - Physiology of the Alimentary Tract

    Chapter 2 Motility, digestion, absorption

    Chapter 3 Barrier Function

    Chapter 4 Gene expression and nutrients

    Chapter 5 Nutrition Across Animal Species: Nutrient Metabolism

    Chapter 6 In Pregnancy and Lactation

    Chapter 7 In Children

    Chapter 8 In the Elderly

    Chapter 9 In response to acute and chronic illness

    Chapter 10 Fluid and Electrolytes

    Chapter 11 Macronutrients

    Chapter 12 Vitamins

    Chapter 13 Minerals and Trace Elements

    Chapter 14 Non-nutritive Dietary Supplements: Fiber

    Chapter 15 Wound Healing: Principles of Enteral Nutrition

    Chapter 16 Nutrition Assessment/Nutrition Focused H&P

    Chapter 17 Access to the GI Tract

    Chapter 18 Enteral Formulations

    Chapter 19 Immunonutrition

    Chapter 20 Administration of Enteral Nutrition – Initiation, Progression, Transition

    Chapter 21 Dietary Supplements in Nutrition Support

    Chapter 22 Pre-, Pro-, and Synbiotics

    Chapter 23 Monitoring for Efficacy, Complications and Toxicity

    Chapter 24 Pharmacotherapeutic Issues

    Chapter 25 Reimbursement Issues

    Chapter 26 Pediatric Critical Illness

    Chapter 27 EN in the Home (Ambulatory and Office management?: Disease Specific

    Chapter 28 Burns

    Chapter 29 Trauma

    Chapter 30 Sepsis

    Chapter 31 Head and Spinal Injury

    Chapter 32 Cardiac Surgery

    Chapter 33 Severe Obesity in Critically Ill Patients

    Chapter 34 Neurologic Impairment

    Chapter 35 Acute Pulmonary Disease

    Chapter 36 Chronic Pulmonary Disease

    Chapter 37 Acute Pancreatitis

    Chapter 38 Chronic Pancreatitis

    Chapter 39 Short Bowel Syndrome

    Chapter 40 Acute Hepatic Dysfunction

    Chapter 41 Chronic Renal Dysfunction

    Chapter 42 HIV Infection

    Chapter 43 Diabetes

    Chapter 44 Head and Neck Cancer

    Chapter 45 Esophageal/Gastric/ Pancreatic Cancer

    Chapter 46 Intestinal Transplant

    Chapter 47 Liver Transplant/Chronic Liver Disease

    Chapter 48 Hematopoetic Stem Cell Transplant (BMT)


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