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Clinical Neurophysiology

EEG, Paediatric Neurophysiology, Special Techniques and Applications, Volume 2

The authors treat the three main branches of clinical neurophysiology - peripheral neurophysiology, evoked potentials and electroencephalography - in a consistent and integrated way with emphasis on a clear exposition of practical details of how and why each investigation is done. Their aim is that the reader should understand exactly how to choose and to undertake appropriate investigations, and how to interpret the findings in the light of the latest evidence-based studies. Using historical evidence and illustrative case reports, they address the scientific principles, both biological and electrical, recording techniques, the development and characteristics of electrical potentials in normal subjects, and the ways in which these are disturbed by physical factors or disease. This foundation should enable the reader to interpret recordings from first principles. The main clinical sections are set in the context of typical referral problems or disease groups, showing how the appropriate sequence of investigations and their interpretation help in diagnosis or surveillance of the patient's condition.

Hardbound, 1028 Pages

Published: August 2003

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-51257-4


  • Part 4. Electroencephalography.

    4.1 Historical introduction (R. Cooper, B.B. MacGillivray). 4.2 EEG technology (R. Cooper, C.D. Binnie, J.W. Osselton, P.F. Prior, T. Wisman). 4.3 EEG phenomenology (C.D. Binnie, W. van Emde Boas, P.F. Prior, J.C. Shaw). 4.4 Activation procedures (C.D. Binnie). 4.5 General philosophy of clinical EEG investigation and interpretation (C.D. Binnie). 4.6 The EEG and cerebral pathology (A.C. van Huffelen). 4.7 The EEG in epilepsy (C.D. Binnie, H. Stefan). 4.8 Effects of drugs on the EEG (C.D. Binnie). 4.9 The EEG in systemic disorders: the encephalopathies (B.B. MacGillivray). 4.10 Head injury (P.F. Prior). 4.11 EEG and psychiatry (H.W. McConnell, H.B. Andrews, C.D. Binnie, T.D. Rogers). 4.12 EEG analysis (R. Cooper, C.D. Binnie, J.C. Shaw).

    Part 5. Neonatal and paediatric neurophysiology.

    5.1 General introduction (D. Scheffner, R. Pressler). 5.2 Neurophysiology of the neonatal period (R. Pressler, B. Bady+, C.D. Binnie, G.B. Boylan, J.A. Connell, J. Lütschg, R.C. Oozeer, P.F. Prior, A. Suppiej, B.M. Tedman). 5.3 Paediatric neurophysiology (R. Pressler, B. Bady+, C.D. Binnie, J. Lütschg, N.A. Fletcher, D. Scheffner, A. Suppiej, B.M. Tedman). 5.4 Combined references for Part 5.

    Part 6. Special techniques and applications.

    6.1 Investigation of wakefulness, drowsiness and sleep (M. Billiard). 6.2 Epilepsy monitoring (C.D. Binnie, W. Burr, H. Stefan). 6.3 Assessment of epilepsy for surgery (F. Brunnhuber, C.D. Binnie, A.J. Fowle). 6.4 Neurophysiological investigations in the intensive care unit (P.F. Prior, L. Garcia-Larrea, K. Nagendran, N.J. Smith). 6.5 Neurophysiological monitoring during surgical operations (N.J. Smith, P.F. Prior). 6.6 Neurophysiological evaluation of drugs (A. Wauquier, C.D. Binnie). 6.7 Magnetoencephalography and evoked magnetic fields (C.N. Guy, C.D. Binnie). 6.8 Specific medico-legal use of neurophysiological investigations (P.C.B. Fenwick, C.D. Binnie, P.F. Prior, B.M. Tedman).

    Part 7. Setting up and running a department of clinical neurophysiology.

    7.1 Introduction (C.D. Binnie, C.J. Fowler, F. Mauguière, P.F. Prior). 7.2 Siting and accommodation (C.D. Binnie, C.J. Fowler, F. Mauguière, R.C. Pottinger, P.F. Prior). 7.3 Staffing and training (C.D. Binnie, C.J. Fowler, P.F. Prior). 7.4 Equipment and servicing (C.D. Binnie, R. Cooper, C.J. Fowler, F. Mauguière, R.C. Pottinger, P.F. Prior). 7.5 Referrals and appointments (C.D. Binnie, C.J. Fowler, F. Mauguière, P.F. Prior). 7.6 Storage of records and reports (C.D. Binnie, C.J. Fowler, F. Mauguière, P.F. Prior). 7.7 Medico-legal considerations (P.C.B. Fenwick, C.D. Binnie, P.F. Prior, B.M. Tedman). 7.8 The integrated digital neurophysiology laboratory (E. Stålberg). 7.9 Combined references for Part 7.


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