Clinical Naturopathy book cover

Clinical Naturopathy

An evidence-based guide to practice

A landmark guide to naturopathic practice - ideal for naturopaths, naturopathy students and Allied Health and medical practitioners

Clinical Naturopathy: An evidence-based guide to practice details key treatment protocols and evidence-based complementary medicine interventions for use in naturopathic practice.

This valuable naturopathy resource is authored by leading practitioners in the field. Its unique perspective combines clinical experience with evidence-based substantiation from rigorous medical research.

Clinical Naturopathy explores key naturopathic treatments - including herbal treatments, nutritional and dietary treatments and lifestyle treatments - for common medical symptoms and conditions encountered in modern practice.

Clinical Naturopathy: An evidence-based guide to practice outlines an introduction to case-taking methodology and naturopathic diagnostic techniques.

It then details treatment protocols and naturopathic prescriptions to treat major health conditions within individual body systems.

The textbook also offers special sections on naturopathic treatment throughout the life cycle, including paediatrics, pregnancy and aging, as well as complex health conditions like HIV, cancer and pain management.

Comprehensive appendices provide additional clinically important material, such as reference levels for laboratory medical tests, nutrient food values and traditional Chinese medical diagnosis.

This one-of-a-kind naturopathic reference makes essential reading for practitioners wishing to enhance practical application of their skills in a clinical setting, and advance their knowledge of evidence-based complementary medicine interventions.


Students and academics of naturopathy, herbal medicine and nutritional medicine.


Published: July 2010

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-7926-1


  • Preface


    About the editors



    Part A Naturopathic clinical skills

    1 Naturopathic case taking

    2 Naturopathic diagnostic techniques

    Part B Common clinical conditions

    Section 1 Gastrointestinal system

    3 Irritable bowel syndrome: constipation-predominant (C-IBS)

    4 Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

    5 Food allergy/intolerance

    Section 2 Respiratory system

    6 Respiratory infections and immune insufficiency

    7 Asthma

    8 Congestive respiratory disorders

    Section 3 Cardiovascular system

    9 Atherosclerosis and dyslipidaemia

    10 Hypertension and stroke

    11 Chronic venous insufficiency

    Section 4 Nervous system

    12 Clinical depression

    13 Chronic generalised anxiety

    14 Insomnia

    Section 5 Endocrine system

    15 Adrenal exhaustion

    16 Diabetes type 2

    17 Thyroid abnormalities

    Section 6 Female reproductive system

    18 Dysmenorrhoea and menstrual complaints

    19 Endometriosis

    20 Polycystic ovarian syndrome

    21 Menopause

    Section 7 Musculoskeletal system

    22 Osteoarthritis

    23 Fibromyalgia

    Section 8 Integumentary system

    24 Acne vulgaris

    25 Inflammatory skin disorders-atopic eczema and psoriasis

    Section 9 Urogenital system

    26 Benign prostatic hypertrophy

    27 Recurrent urinary tract infection

    Part C Specialised clinical conditions

    28 Autoimmunity

    29 Cancer

    Part D Clinical naturopathy across the life cycle

    30 Paediatrics

    31 Fertility, preconception care and pregnancy

    32 Ageing and cognition

    Part E Integrative naturopathic practice

    33 Bipolar disorder with psychotic symptoms

    34 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

    35 Chronic fatigue syndrome

    36 Human immunodeficiency virus

    37 Polypharmacy and pain management

    Part F Appendices

    1 Drug-herb interaction chart

    2 Chemotherapy drugs and concurrent complementary therapy

    3 Food sources of nutrients

    4 Laboratory reference values

    5 Factors affecting nutritional status

    6 Taxonomic cross-reference of major herbs

    7 Traditional Chinese medicine: the six evils

    8 Traditional Chinese medicine: tongue diagnosis

    9 Traditional Chinese medicine: pulse diagnosis

    10 Systematic review of herbal immunomodulators


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