Clinical Mycology with CD-ROM book cover

Clinical Mycology with CD-ROM

The first book of its kind to focus on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of patients with fungal infections, this definitive reference returns in a completely revised, full-color new edition. It presents specific recommendations for understanding, controlling, and preventing fungal infections based upon underlying principles of epidemiology and infection control policy, pathogenesis, immunology, histopathology, and laboratory diagnosis and antifungal therapy. More than 560 photographs, illustrations, and tables depict conditions as they appear in real life and equip you to identify clinical manifestations with accuracy. Expanded therapy content helps you implement the most appropriate treatment quickly, and a bonus CD-ROM—featuring all of the images from the text—enables you to enhance your electronic presentations.

Infectious Disease


Published: January 2009

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-1-4160-5680-5


  • Section 1: General Principles, including Diagnosis

    1. The Epidemiology of Fungal Infections, Shawn R. Lockhart, Daniel J. Diekema & Michael A. Pfaller

    2. Recent Advances in Understanding Human Opportunistic Fungal Pathogenesis Mechanisms, Robert A. Crammer & John R. Perfect

    3. Immunology, Thomas S. Harrison & Suart M. Levitz

    4. The Laboratory and Clinical Mycology, Michael A. Pfaller & Michael R. McGinnis

    5. Histopathology of Fungal Infections, Vicki J. Schnadig & Gail L. Woods

    6. Radiology of Fungal Infections, Prasanna G. Vibhute, Venkat R. Surabhi, Angel Gomez, Santiago Restrepo, Michael McCarthy, Carlos Bazan III, Kedar Chintapalli

    7. Antifungal Therapy, Elias A. Anaissie & Paul Gubbins

    Section 2: The Organisms

    8. Candida, Maria C. Dignani, Joseph S. Solomkin & Elias J. Anaissie

    9. Cryptococcus, Marianna A. Viviani & Anna Maria Tortorano

    10. Infections Caused by Non - Candida, Non - Cryptococcus Yeasts, Michael A. Pfaller, Daniel J. Diekema & William G. Merz

    11. Aspergillus, Malcolm D. Richardson & Willian Hope

    12. Zygomycosis,Luis Ostrosky-Zeichner, Michael Smith & Michael R. McGinnis

    13. Fusarium and other Hyaline Hyphomycetes, Elias J. Anaissie

    14. Dematiaceous Fungi, Deanna A. Sutton, Michael G. Rinaldi & Stephen E. Sanche

    15. Endemic Mycoses, Gregory M. Anstead & Thomas Patterson

    16. Dermatophytes and Dermatophytoses, Mahmoud A. Ghannoum & Nancy C Isham

    17. Pneumocystis, Michael A. Pfaller & Elias J. Anaissie

    18. Anomalous Fungal and Fungal–like Infections: Lacaziosis, Pythiosis and Rhinosporidiosis, Leonel Mendoza & Raquel Vilela

    Section 3: Clinical Syndromes and Organ Systems

    19. Fungal Infections in the patient with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, Michael Saccente

    20. Fungal Infections in Cancer Patients, Elias J. Anaissie

    21. Fungal Infections in the Organ Transplant Recipient, Robert H. Rubin

    22. Fungal Infections in Pediatric Patients, Andreas H. Groll, Emmanuel Roilides & Thomas J. Walsh

    23. Oral Fungal Infections, William G. Powderly

    24. Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Mycoses, Natalia Mendoza, Anita Arora, Cesar A. Arias, Carlos A. Hernandez, Vandana Madkam & Stephen K. Tyring

    25. Fungal Infection of Bone and Joint, Carol A. Kemper & Stanley C. Deresinski

    26. Fungal Infections of the Genitourinary Tract, Jack D. Sobel

    27. Diagnosis and Treatment of Fungal Infections of the Respiratory Tract, Thomas J. Walsh

    28. Central Nervous System Infection, Richard J. Hamill

    29. Hematogenously Disseminated Fungal Infections, Stephanie L. Baer & Peter G. Pappas

    30. Fungal Infections of the Eye, Golnaz Javey, Victor L. Yu & Jeffery J. Zuravleff

    Section 4: Special Considerations

    31. Geographic, Travel and Occupational Mycology, Robert W. Bradsher

    32. Mycotoxins and their Effects on Humans, Michael Smith & Michael R. McGinnis


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