Clinical Examination of the Shoulder book cover

Clinical Examination of the Shoulder

Practical, clinically focused, and highly illustrated, this new guide includes content not covered in any other book, presented in a user-friendly format. Part I introduces the concepts of subjective evaluation, observation/posture, related referral joint testing, neurovascular testing, palpation, and range of motion testing. Part II comprises the bulk of the text, covering the major shoulder tests that clinicians perform. Part III features supplemental tests used in the clinical setting. Finally, Part IV pulls all the information together by testing students and clinicians alike with a series of case studies. The reader will also find extensive, up-to-date references for further research or study.

Hardbound, 224 Pages

Published: July 2004

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7216-9807-6


  • Section I: General Overview
    1. Introduction:
    How to use this book
    Definition of Objective Terms (PPV, NPV, Sensitivity Specificity etc)
    Comparison of evaluation findings to surgical findings and other diagnostic tests
    2. Subjective Evaluation:
    Basis of Subjective Evaluation
    Sport and Activity Specific Questioning
    Baseball / throwing sports • Tennis • Golf • Swimming
    3. Observation / Posture:
    Scapular Evaluation
    4. Related Referral Joint Testing:
    Cervical Spine Clearing Tests
    AC joint clearing
    SC joint clearing
    Elbow joint clearing
    5. Neurovascular Testing:
    Sensation – sensory evaluation
    Map of dermatomes
    Semmes Weinstein Kit
    Strength – refer to chapter X
    Reflexes – brief overview
    Thoracic Outlet Testing:
    Rayan & Rayan Research
    6. Palpation:
    Rotator Cuff Palpation based on Mackarey research
    Palpation sequence
    Indications based on palpation (Davies & DeCarlo, 1995)
    7. Range of Motion Testing

    Section II: Special Tests
    8. Instability Testing
    9. Impingement Testing
    10. Labral Testing
    11. Rotator Cuff Tests
    12. Biceps Tests

    Section III: Additional Shoulder Evaluation Techniques
    13. Strength Testing
    14. Subjective Rating Scales:
    15. Analysis of Sport Technique:
    Tennis / Overhead throwing model:

    Section IV: Appendix and Case Studies


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