Clinical Examination in Ophthalmology book cover

Clinical Examination in Ophthalmology

In a clear and systematic style, Clinical Examination in Cardiology explains the basic methods followed in ocular examination.

The book is specially designed for UG medical students as well as those pursuing more advanced PG courses on ophthalmology. Clinicians would also find it an extremely useful reference source.


Published: September 2006

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-81-312-3166-1


  • Chapter 1 Symptomatology and History Taking 1

    Chapter 2 Examination of Vision and Recording of Visual Acuity 14

    Chapter 3 Examination of Eyes Under Diffuse Light 37

    Chapter 4 Examination of Eyes Under Focal Illumination 42

    Chapter 5 Examination of the Lid 49

    Chapter 6 Evaluation of a Case of Ptosis 65

    Chapter 7 Examination of the Lacrimal System 74

    Chapter 8 Examination of the Conjunctiva 81

    Chapter 9 Examination of the Globe, Cornea and Sclera 100

    Chapter 10 Evaluation of an Eye with Disorder of Tear Film 127

    Chapter 11 Examination of Anterior Chamber 134

    Chapter 12 Examination of Iris, Ciliary Body and Choroid 141

    Chapter 13 Examination of Lens and Evaluation of an Eye for Lens Extraction 158

    Chapter 14 Measurement of Intraocular Tension 173

    Chapter 15 Examination of Eyes with Abnormal Intraocular Tension 180

    Chapter 16 Examination of the Eyes Requiring Optical Correction 213

    Chapter 17 Examination of a Case of Squint 232

    Chapter 18 Neurological Examination of the Pupil 278

    Chapter 19 Examination of the Orbit and Radiology of Ophthalmic Interest 285

    Chapter 20 Examination of Retina and Macula 309

    Chapter 21 Examination of Vitreous 343

    Chapter 22 Examination of the Optic Nerve and the Visual Pathway 349

    Chapter 23 Examination of Eyes in Paediatric Age 365


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