Clinical Critical Care Medicine


  • Richard Albert, Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado, Chief, Medical Service, Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO, USA
  • Arthur Slutsky, MD, Keenan Chair in Medicine, Professor of Medicine, Surgery and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto; Vice President (Research), St Michael's Hospital, Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Marco Ranieri, Dipartimento di Anestesia e Rianimazione Ospedale S. Giovanni Battista-Molinette Università di Torino
  • Antoni Torres
  • Jukka Takala

Comprehensive and clinically oriented, this new text helps you provide the highest standard of care for patients in the ICU—in one full-color volume. An international cast of experts offers in-depth, authoritative guidance on clinical problems from a multitude of perspectives. Inside, you'll find a user-friendly format with a consistent organization from chapter to chapter for easy reference, and a bonus CD-ROM containing all of the illustrations from the text for use in PowerPoint slide presentations.
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Book information

  • Published: July 2006
  • Imprint: MOSBY
  • ISBN: 978-0-323-02844-8

Table of Contents

Section 1. Basic Biology and Critical Care Medicine

Inflammation * Genetics * Biologic Response to Stress * Vascular Tone * Cell Metabolism and Tissue Hypoxy

Section 2. Practice of Critical Care

ICU Pharmacology, Including Sedation, Paralysis, Analgesis, Delirium * Antibiotics in the ICU * ID Prophylaxis * Prophylactic Therapy * ICU Scoring Systems * Hemodynamic Monitoring

Mechanical Ventilation

Modes * Tracheostomy * Monitoring * Patient–ventilation Interaction * VALI * Assessment for Weaning * VA Pneumonia * Clinical Assessment of the Acutely Unstable Patient * Nursing Issues of the Critically Ill * Nutritional Support * Withdrawal and Withholding Life Support

Section 3. Pulmonary Problems

Acute Exacerbations of COPD and Asthma (including VCD) * Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Including Near-Drowning, Vasculitis * Pulmonary Embolism * Obesity and Chest Wall Problems * Neuromuscular Respiratory Failure, Including Botulism, Guillian-Barre, Tick Paralysis, Myasthenis Gravis, Organophosphates

Section 4. Cardiovascular Problems

Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Failure * Cardica Ischemia/Infarction * Arrhythmias (brady, tachy, pacing) * Hypertensive Emergencies * Acute Cardiovascular Emergencies * Heart–Lung Interactions

Section 5. Neurologic Problems

Intracranial Pressure and Central Brain Flow Regulation * Management of Traumatic Brain Injury, Including Secondary Insult, Traumatic Edema (Glasgow Coma Scale) * Management of Subarachnoid Hemmorhage, Including HHH, Vasospasm * CNS Infection and Vasculitis * Seizure * Management of Spinal Injury * Brain Death and Management of Donor

Section 6. Renal and Metabolic Problems

Acid Base Disorders * Electrolyte Disorders * Acute Renal Failure * Hepatorenal Syndrome * Acute Endocrine Disorders * DKA and HONC

Section 7. Gastrointestinal Problems

GI Bleeding, UGIB and LGIB * Pancreatitis * Fulminant Hepatic Failure * Acute Abdominal Emergencies

Section 8. Hematologic Problems

Coagulation Overview * Bleeding Disorders * Blood Product Replacement

Section 9. Infectious Disease Problems

Community-acquired Pneumonia * Pneumonia in the Immunocompromised Patient
Sepsis * Catheter-related Infections

Section 10. Other Critical Care Problems

Multi-trauma, Including Peripheral Compartment Syndromes * Burns, Electrical, and Inhalation Injuries * Hypo-hyperthermia * Pregnancy-related Critical Care * Acute Care of Post-cardiac Surgery Patients * Acute Care of Major Surgery Patients * Alcohol and Drug Ingestions * CO Inhalation * Bioterrorism and Unusual Critical Care Medicine Conditions