Clinical Asthma book cover

Clinical Asthma

This unique new text delivers practical guidelines on diagnosing and treating patients with asthma. Drs. Castro and Kraft are extensively involved in asthma research and improved patient care, and their comprehensive coverage of key challenges in diagnosing and treating asthma makes this a must have resource. The organized full-color format ensures readability, and helps you find information quickly and easily. And as an Expert Consult title, it enables you to conveniently search the entire contents of the text online and download all of the book’s images, tables, charts, and algorithms for your personal use, as well as sample treatment plans and patient education handouts — all from any practice location with an Internet connection.

Pulmonary/Respiratory Medicine

Hardbound, 532 Pages

Published: April 2008

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-04289-5


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