Client-Side Attacks and Defense book cover

Client-Side Attacks and Defense

Individuals wishing to attack a company’s network have found a new path of least resistance-the end user. A client- side attack is one that uses the inexperience of the end user to create a foothold in the user’s machine and therefore the network. Client-side attacks are everywhere and hidden in plain sight. Common hiding places are malicious Web sites and spam. A simple click of a link will allow the attacker to enter. This book presents a framework for defending your network against these attacks in an environment where it might seem impossible.

The most current attacks are discussed along with their delivery methods, such as browser exploitation, use of rich Internet applications, and file format vulnerabilities. The severity of these attacks is examined along with defences against them, including antivirus and anti-spyware, intrusion detection systems, and end-user education.


Penetration Testers; Security Consultants; System and Network Administrators; IT Auditors

Paperback, 296 Pages

Published: October 2012

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-590-5


  • Introduction
    Chapter 1: Background on Attacks
    Chapter 2: A Closer Look at Client-Side Attacks
    Chapter 3: A History of Web Browsers
    Chapter 4: The Problem with Browsers
    Chapter 5: Exploring and Exploiting Active Content
    Chapter 6: Browser Defenses
    Chapter 7: E-mail Client Attacks
    Chapter 8: E-mail Client Defenses
    Chapter 9: Web Applications
    Chapter 10: Web Applications and Client Defenses
    Chapter 11: Other Client-Side Attack Targets
    Chapter 12: Malware
    Chapter 13: Client-Side Countermeasures
    Chapter 14: The Road Ahead


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