Civil Liability in Criminal Justice book cover

Civil Liability in Criminal Justice

This handbook addresses the problems confronting criminal justice practitioners and their agencies due to the increased number of civil liability lawsuits. It introduces the reader to civil liability generally and the federal law specifically, while indicating steps that can be taken to minimize risks.


Published: October 2009

Imprint: Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4224-6139-6


  • 1. Overview of Civil Liability

    2. Foundations for Liability

    3. Civil Liability Under State and Federal Tort Law

    4. Civil Liability and Federal Law: Section 1983 Litigation

    5. Defenses to Civil Litigation and Risk Management

    6. Administrative and Supervisory Liability

    7. Liability for Failure to Train

    8. Operating Criminal Justice Agencies Under a Consent Decree

    9. Use of Force in Law Enforcement and Corrections

    10. Section 1983 and Correctional Liability Issues

    11. Section 1983 Actions in Law Enforcement

    12. Liability and Wrongful Custodial Death

    13. Personnel Issues and Liability

    14. Conclusions: Shifting Directions in Civil Litigation


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