Churchill's Pocketbook of Pain

This pocket-sized book is an excellent accessible, portable source of guidance on the principles and practices of pain management. The new edition features a new focus on chronic pain, incorporates all of the newest pain medications, reflects our latest understanding of pain physiology, and presents entirely new sections covering functional imaging and the use of strong opioid medications for the relief of non-cancer pain.

Residents in Anesthesia, Surgery.

Paperback, 384 Pages

Published: September 2004

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07424-0


  • I. Principles of Pain Management

    1. Anatomy and Physiology of Pain

    2. Imaging

    3. Clinical Pharmacology

    4. The Opioids

    5. Opioids and Non-Cancer Pain

    6. Non-Opioid Analgesic

    7. Local Anaesthetics

    8. Antidepressants and Anticonvulsants

    9. Miscellaneous Drugs Used in Pain Control

    10. Neurostimulation

    11. Assessment of the Patient in Pain

    II. Pain of Cancer and Advanced HIV Disease

    12. Cancer Pain

    13. Pain and Advanced HIV Disease

    III. Chronic Pain Syndromes

    14. Back and Neck Pain

    15. Muscular Pain

    16. Scar Pain

    17. Neuropathic and Central Pain

    18. Facial Pain

    19. Chronic Pelvic Pain

    IV. Psychology and Pain

    20. Psychology and Pain


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