Churchill Livingstone Medical Dictionary book cover

Churchill Livingstone Medical Dictionary

Stay up to date on fast-changing areas of health care with the 75th anniversary edition of this trusted medical dictionary. Expanded coverage familiarizes you with the most current medical terminology in evolving areas such as genetics, complementary therapies, and sports rehabilitation, while detailed illustrations help clarify definitions and ensure confident understanding.

Paperback, 624 Pages

Published: June 2008

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-10410-7


  • Preface


    How to use this dictionary



    Dictionary of medical terms

    Appendix 1. Illustrations of major body systems

    Appendix 2. SI units and the metric system

    Appendix 3. Normal values

    Appendix 4. Nutrients

    Appendix 5. Drugs – the law, measurement and drug groups in common use

    Appendix 6. Abbreviations – medical terms, degrees, diplomas, organizations

    Appendix 7. Useful addresses

    Appendix 8. Chemical symbols and formulae


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