• Gerard Meurant

Chromatography - A Century of Discovery 1900-2000 represents the combined thinking and contributions of many chromatographers. It includes several in-depth feature chapters covering the Beginnings of Chromatography, which highlights M.S. Tswett, the inventor of chromatography, and several other early pioneers. Included are the contributions of several Nobel Laureates,and 125 Chromatography Award Winners and contributors, an extensive bibliography of publications on the History of the Evolution of Chromatography; a presentation of Major International Symposia supporting chromatography and as a bridge to selected sciences. Special chapters are written by well-known Chromatographers on Support and Stationary Phases, and Separations followed by a chapter on Milestones and Paradigm Shifts in Science. New discoveries in the life sciences and medicine, agriculture, the environment and separations technology in the 21st century will rely immeasurably on the 20th century research tools in chromatography and those yet to be developed.
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  • Published: December 2001
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-50114-1


There is probably no better way to introduce a prospective analytical chemist to the universe of chromatography than downloading the available chapters on the chemweb site (http://preprint.chemweb.com followed by the expanded printed volume.
William Horwitz, AOAC International, July/Aug 2003

Overall this is a useful and valuable book that should be read by specialists and students in chromatography. It brings together many of the important historical events and papers.
Dr Robert Stevenson, American Laboratory (34), Nov 2002
In all, the book is a carefully crafted volume that melds people, history, science, and the future. It is an ideal source book for those wishing to integrate the history and chemistry of the last 100 years of separation science, and it places steep escarpments and placteaus in proper prospective.
Dr Raymond E. Dessy, Bulletin for the History of Chemistry, Volume 28, no. 2, 2003

Table of Contents

Printed volume

The Pioneers and Builders of Chromatography.

The Beginnings of Chromatography - The Pioneers (1900-1960) (R.L. Wixom). Introduction. The initiation in Switzerland and Russia. Adsorption chromatography (1900-1950s). Partition chromatography (1940s-1950s). Paper- and thin-layer chromatography (two forms of planar chromatography). Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC) (1930s-1960s). Chromatography of petroleum. The literature of chromatography. Integration of seminal concepts with chromatography leaders. From the inventors to the builders of chromatography. What is required to be one of the award winners? Summary.

The Builders of Chromatography - Major Chromatography Awards and the Award Winners (L.S. Ettre). Introduction. Nobel Prize in Chemistry by the Nobel Foundation (1948-1999). National Award in Chromatography of the American Chemical Society (1961-2001). National Award in Separations Science and Technology of the American Chemical Society (1984-2001). A.J.P. Martin Award of the Chromatographic Society (1978-2000). M.S. Tswett Chromatography Award of the International Symposia on Advances in Chromatography (1974-1988). M.J.E. Golay Award in Capillary Chromatography of the International Symposia on Capillary Chromatography (1989-2000). Stephen Dal Nogare Award in Chromatography of the Chromatographic Forum of the Delaware Valley (1972-2000). The Keene P. Dimick Award in Chromatography by the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburg (1988-2000). Silver Jubilee Award of the Chromatographic Society (1982-2000). Award for Achievements in Separation Science of the Eastern Analytical Symposium (1986-2000). COLACRO Medal (1986-2000) of the Congresso Latino Americano de Chromatografia. Leroy S. Palmer Award of the Minnesota Chromatography Forum (1980-2000). M.S. Tswett Chromatography Memorial Medal of the All-Union Scientific Council on Chromatography , Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. (1978-1979).

Major International Symposia Supporting Chromatography (L.S. Ettre). Introduction. International symposia on (gas) chromatography by the (British) Chromatographic Society (1956-2000). Symposia on gas chromatography organized by the Instrument Society of America (1957-1963). International symposia by the French society G.A.M.S. (1961-1969). International symposia on advances in chromatography (1963-1988). International symposia on high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) (1973-2000). International symposia on capillary (gas) chromatography (1975-2000). Danube symposia on chromatography (1976-1993). COLACRO Latin America congresses on chromatography and related techniques (1986-2000). Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (PITTCON) (1950-2000).

Chromatography - The Bridge to Environmental, Space and Biological Sciences (C.W. Gehrke). Early years of automated chemistry. Chromatography in environmental analysis over the last 30 years. Amino acid analysis - gas liquid and ion - exchange chromatography - 30 years. Chromatography in space sciences - GLC and IEC of Apollo moon samples.

Prominent Chromatographers and their Research - Seminal Concepts in Chromatography/Separation Sciences (C.W. Gehrke et al.). Introduction. Seminal concepts and new discoveries. Relation of seminal concepts and awardees. Prominent chromatographers (76 awardees). Summary: if Mikhail Tswett were alive today.

Chromatography around the World. (C.W. Gehrke et al.). Chromatography in Japan (Kiyokatsu Jinno). Chromatography in Russia in the 20th century (V.G. Berezkin). Chromatography in China (Yukui Zhang, Guowang Xu). Development of chromatography in Latin America (F.M. Lanças). Chromatography in The Netherlands (University of Amsterdam) (H. Poppe et al.).

Overview: Chromatography - A New Discipline of Science (C.W. Gehrke et al.). Introduction. Attributes of modern chromatography. Chromatography in the near future.

Author and Subject Indexes.

A New Discipline in Science.

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