Chinese Herbal Medicines: Comparisons and Characteristics


  • Yifan Yang, MD, MSc, Private Practitioner and Lecturer, The Netherlands; Former Lecturer in Medicine, Beijing University of TCM, Beijing, China


Book information

  • Published: December 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-7020-3133-5

Table of Contents

Part 1: The theory and concepts of Chinese herbal medicine
Part 2: Comparisons of the characteristics of commonly used Chinese herbal medicine
Herbs that release the exterior. Herbs that clear heat. Herbs that drain downwards. Herbs that expel Wind-Dampness. Herbs that transform dampness. Aromatic substances that transform dampness; aromatic substances for external application; aromatic herbs that open the orifices. Herbs that transform phlegm. Herbs that relieve food stagnation; herbs that expel parasites; herbs that induce vomiting. Herbs that regulate the Qi. Herbs that regulate the blood. Herbs that stop bleeding. Herbs that warm the interior. Herbs that tonify. Astringent herbs. Substances that sedate the spirit and calm the mind. Herbs that sedate the Liver-yang and extinguish the Liver-wind. Appendix. Pinyin-English cross reference of herb names. Bibliography.