Children at the Millennium book cover

Children at the Millennium

Where Have We Come From? Where Are We Going?

Produced under the auspices of the Section on the Sociology of Children and Youth of the American Sociological Association, this volume provides a cohesive, wide-ranging source of information on the life courses of children and youths. Contributions reflect: demographic analyses and projections; dualitative aspects of children's lives; children and youth in historical and cross-cultural perspective; issues of development in social context; children and public policy; and social and psychological dynamics of childhood and adolescence.

Hardbound, 336 Pages

Published: August 2001

Imprint: Jai Press (elsevier)

ISBN: 978-0-7623-0776-0


  • List of contributors. Preface. Acknowledgments. Children at the Millennium: a report from the Social Sciences (T.J. Owens, S.L. Hofferth). Historical and Comparative Perspectives on Children and Childhood. Children in young and aging societies: the order of generations and models of childhood in comparative perspective (J. Zinnecker). From the Chicago school to the new sociology of children: the sociology of children and childhood in the United States, 1900-1999 (H.B. Johnson). From Values and Beliefs to Positive Behavior. Parental values, beliefs, and behavior: a review and promulga for research into the new century (D. Alwin). Preventing problems vs. promoting the positive: what do we want for our children? (K.A. Moore, T. Halle). Children's Changing Experiences. Men's flight from children in the US? A historical perspective (D. Hogan, F. Goldscheir). Changes in American children's time, 1981-1997 (S.L. Hofferth, J.F. Sandberg). The Contexts of Children's Lives. Adolescents' anticipations of work-family conflict in a changing societal context (M. Kirkpatrick et al.). Changing neighborhoods and child well-being: understanding how children may be affected in the coming century (T. Leventhal, J. Brooks-Gunn). Confronting the dilemmas of child welfare: past, present and future (P.L. Maza).


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