Chemical Resistance of Specialty Thermoplastics book cover

Chemical Resistance of Specialty Thermoplastics

Chemical Resistance, Volume 3

While the two-volume work ‘Chemical Resistance of Thermoplastics’ covers chemical resistance of high-volume commercial (commodity) thermoplastics, this volume focuses on high performance 'engineering' or 'specialty' thermoplastics. These thermoplastics are usually consumed in smaller volumes, but have desirable characteristics for demanding and high-value applications.

This book provides extensive data on chemical resistance tests, and material chemical resistance properties for important specialty thermoplastics including polyarylenes, polymimides and fluoropolymers, polymer alloys and specialty polyethylenes.

The chemical resistance data provided enables the reader to make a better material selection decision, avoiding the major economic and business impacts of material failure, and in some cases eliminating the need for screening tests. The data gives detailed information on the parameters of exposure of plastics and their different grades to chemicals and environmental conditions, i.e. chemical compound or solvent, concentration, temperature, the length of time a plastic can withstand such attacks (with, for example, weight change as a key parameter) etc. - answering key questions often arising in the process of product development.

This volume comes in an easy-to-use print format - including a list of exposure media enabling cross-referencing to the main material data tables - as well as an online database with an extended data set, and advanced search and navigation features.


Engineers and Scientists involved in designing and working with plastics across a range of sectors such as basic chemical processing industries; Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical; Aerospace, Automotive and other transportation; Defense; Medical Devices; Semiconductors

Hardbound, 1732 Pages

Published: July 2012

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3110-7


  • Preface
    How to Use this Book
    Material Index
    Introduction to Plastics and Elastomers
    Effect of Chemicals on Plastics and Elastomers
    part 1: Fluoropolymers
    part 2: Olefinic Polymers
    part 3: Polyarylenes
    part 4: Polyesters
    part 5: Polyimides
    part 6: Polymer Alloys
    part 7: Vinyl Chloride Polymers
    part 8: Vinylidene Chloride Polymers
    part 9: Miscellaneous
    Alphabetical List of Exposure Media
    CAS Registry Numbers - Chemical Sort
    CAS Registry Numbers - Numeric Sort


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