Chemical Process Equipment book cover

Chemical Process Equipment

Selection and Design

Comprehensive and practical guide to the selection and design of a wide range of chemical process equipment. Emphasis is placed on real-world process design and performance of equipment. Provides examples of successful applications, with numerous drawings, graphs, and tables to show the functioning and performance of the equipment. Equipment rating forms and manufacturers' questionnaires are collected to illustrate the data essential to process design. Includes a chapter on equipment cost and addresses economic concerns.


Published: December 2004

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7510-9


  • “...chemical engineers working on smaller-volume products made by batch/semibatch processes should have this encyclopedic volume on their bookshelves alongside Perry’s Chemical Engineer’s extremely useful summary of rules of thumb is given” — Organic Process Research and Development Journal 2005 “This is an excellent book that can serve as the text for an undergraduate course in plant design. It will also be very useful as a sourcebook for process-design engineers that work for smaller companies that do not have their own process equipment design standards. The new authors have done an outstanding job in updating and expanding the original book by Professor Walas” — Chemical Engineering, March 2006


  • List of Examples; Rules of Thumb; Introduction; Flowsheets; Process Control; Drivers for Moving Equipment; Transfer of Solids; Flow of Fluids; Fluid Transport Equipment; Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers; Dryers and Cooling Towers; Mixing and Agitation; Solid-Liquid Separation; Disintegration, Agglomeration, and Size Separation of Particulate Solids; Distillation and Gas Absorption; Extraction and Leaching; Adsorption and Ion Exchange; Crystallization from Solutions and Melts; Chemical Reactors; Process Vessels; Other Topics, Costs of Individual Equipment; Appendices; Index


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