Chemical Engineering Volume 1

Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer

Edited by

  • R.P. Chhabra, Indian Institute of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, Kanpur, India 208016


  • J R Backhurst, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • J H Harker, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • J.F. Richardson, University of Wales Swansea, UK
  • J.M. Coulson, formerly of University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Coulson and Richardson's classic series provides the student with an account of the fundamentals of chemical engineering and constitutes the definitive work on the subject for academics and practitioners. Each book provides clear explanations of theory and thorough coverage of practical applications, supported by numerous worked examples and problems. Thus, the text is designed for students as well as being comprehensive in coverage.This volume covers the three main transport process of interest to chemical engineers - momentum transfer (fluid flow), heat transfer and mass transfer and the relationships between them. The concluding chapter covers an application where each of these processes is occurring simultaneously - water cooling and humidification. The topics covered form the theoretical basis for much of the material in the later volumes of the series.
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BSc/BEng students, postgraduate students, academics, professionals


Book information

  • Published: October 1999
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-4444-0


"A classic and 'must' for chemical engineers."

Table of Contents

Units and dimensions; Flow of fluids - Energy and Momentum Relationships; Flow of Liquids in Pipes and Open Channels; Flow of Compressible Fluids; Flow of Multiphase Mixtures; Flow and Pressure Measurement; Liquid Mixing; Pumping of Fluids; Heat Transfer; Mass Transfer; The Boundary Layer; Quantitative Relations Between Transfer Processes; Applications in Humidification and Water Cooling; Appendix; Problems; Index.