Chaos in Ecology

Experimental Nonlinear Dynamics


  • J. M. Cushing
  • Robert Costantino, University of Arizona
  • Brian Dennis, University of Idaho
  • Robert Desharnais, California State University, Los Angeles
  • Shandelle Henson, College of William and Mary

It is impossible to predict the exact behavior of all biological systems and how these same systems are exemplified by patterns of complexity and regularity. Decades of research in ecology have documented how these sorts of patterns are the consequences of deceptively simple rules that determine the nature of the patterns created. Chaos in Ecology will explain how simple beginnings result in complicated results.Chaos in Ecology is the inaugural volume of Theoretical Ecology Series. The authors of this volume have employed data from a proven model system in population dynamics. As a result, this book will be of interest to anyone interested in the ecology of populations.
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Ecologists, biologists, paleontologists and graduate students interested in ecology.


Book information

  • Published: October 2002
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-198876-0


"The authors have made very circumspect model verifications...The greatest merit of the book is that it confirms experimentally the existence of numerous nonlinear phenomena in populations and presents a new characteristic of populations, that is, the lattice effect. The book is written in an excellent style with high mathematical precision. This work is warmly recommended to all theoretical and field ecologists, and all scientists interested in nonlinear dynamics." -COMMUNITY ECOLOGY (2005) " in statistical concepts and methods. Anyone interested in the dynamics of populations will benefit from reading this book." -ECOLOGY (2003) "In a very real sense, Cushing et al. have done for ecology what Newton did for physics. They have demonstrated that the observed, very complex behavior of biological populations can, at least in principle, be derived and predicted from a knowledge of the operant biological mechanisms expressed in simple mathematical models. ...Chaos in Ecology is a road-map for making ecology into a genuinely predictive science." -Aaron A. King, University of Tennessee (2002) "This is the definitive source on chaos in ecology. Well-written and authoritative." -Simon Levin, Princeton University (2002) "Chaos in Ecology ought to be read by both field and theoretical ecologists." -COMPLEX SYSTEMS LAB, BARCELONA SPAIN

Table of Contents

Introduction.Models.Bifurcations.Chaos.Patterns in Chaos.What We Learned.Bibliography.Appendix.