Changing Brains book cover

Changing Brains

Applying Brain Plasticity to Advance and Recover Human Ability

Neuroscientists, psychologists, neurologists

Included in series
Progress in Brain Research

Hardbound, 496 Pages

Published: December 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-63327-9


  • 1. Balancing plasticity / stability across brain development - Anne E Takesian and Takao K Hensch
    2. Brain Plasticity in the Developing Brain - Bryan Kolb, Richelle Mychasiuk, Arif Muhammad, and Robbin Gibb
    3. Cortical Plasticity, Excitatory-Inhibitory Balance, and Sensory Perception - Ioana Carcea and Robert C. Froemke
    4. Changes in plasticity across the lifespan: Cause of disease and target for intervention - Lindsay Oberman and Alvaro Pascual-Leone
    5. What Does it Take to Show That a Cognitive Training Procedure is Useful? A Critical Evaluation - Nori Jacoby and Merav Ahissar
    6. Principles of Neuroplasticity-Based Rehabilitation  - Mor Nahum, Hyunkyu Lee, Michael Merzenich
    7. Fast ForWord®: The Birth of the Neurocognitive Training Revolution  - Paula Tallal
    8. Music Training for the Development of Reading Skills - Adam Tierney and Nina Kraus
    9. Mechanisms of Plasticity in the Developing and Adult Visual Cortex  - Mriganka Sur, Ikue Nagakura, Naiyan Chen and Hiroki Sugihara
    10. Brain Mechanisms of Plasticity in Response to Treatments for Core Deficits in Autism - Pamela E. Ventola, Devon Oosting, Laura Anderson, Kevin Pelprey
    11. Targeting Plasticity with Vagus Nerve Stimulation to Treat Neurological Disease - Seth A. Hays, Robert L. Renaker, Michael P. Kilgard
    12. Computerized Cognitive Training Targeting Brain Plasticity Schizophrenia - Bruno Biagianti and Sophia Vinogradov
    13. The Nonspatial Side of Spatial Neglect and Related Approaches to Treatment - Joe DeGutis and Tom Van Vleet
    14. A Cognitive Framework for Understanding and Improving Interference Resolution in the Brain -  Jyoti Mishra, Joaquin A. Anguera, David A. Ziegler, Adam Gazzaley
    15. Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy: A Method for Harnessing Neuroplasticity to Treat Motor Disorders - Gitendra Uswatte and Edward Taub
    16. Novelty Interventions to Enhance Broad Cognitive Abilities and Prevent Dementia: Synergistic Approaches for the Facilitation of Positive Plastic Change - Patrick Fissler, Olivia Kuster, Winfried Schlee and Iris Tatjana Kolassa
    17. Decoding speech for understanding and treating aphasia - Robert T. Knight and Brian Pasley


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