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Ceramics Drying

Describes the drying behaviour of clay-based and non-clay ceramics in terms of the external conditions influencing the rate of evaporation, and the internal mechanism with reference to moisture movement and shrinkage. The work mainly considers the practical aspects relating to problems and faults which arise during the drying of a preshaped article, although a theoretical treatment of the drying processes is provided for those requiring a deeper knowledge of this important subject.

Of interest to ceramics technologists, ceramics students and apprentices.


Published: June 1986

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-033467-7


  • ...this is a valuable little book...
    British Ceramic Research


  • Introduction: the external and internal mechanism of drying. Method of defining moisture content. The effect of external conditions on drying: general considerations. Transfer of heat by convection. Transfer of heat by radiation. Transfer of heat by conduction. The internal mechanism of drying: general considerations. Adsorption of water at a solid surface. The drying mechanism of non-clay ceramics. The clay-water relationship. Volume changes of plastic bodies during drying. The leatherhard moisture content. Size changes of dust-pressed articles. Linear drying-shrinkage. Anisotropic shrinkage. Distribution and movement of moisture. Cracking and warping. Drying of slip-cast and jiggered ware.


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