This text provides comprehensive protocols essential methods across cell biology. The techniques in this text are presented in a friendly step-by-step fashion, providing useful tips and potential pitfalls while enabling researchers at all stages to embark on basic problems using a variety of technologies and model systems.

Graduate student and professionals in a lab enviornment

Paperback, 298 Pages

Published: November 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-375152-2


    1. Permeabilized Epithelial Cells to Study Exocytic Membrane Transport
    2. Studying Excit and Surface Delivery of Post-Golgi Transport Intermediates Using in vitro and Live-Cell Microscopy-Based Approaches
    3. Assays Measuring Membrane Transport in the Endocytic Pathway
    4. Microsome-Based Assay for Analysis of Endoplasmic Reticulum to Golgi Transport In Mammalian Cells
    5. Cotranslational Translocation of Proteins into Microsomes Derived from the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum of Mammalian Cells
    6. Use of Permeabilsed Mast Cells to Analyze Regulated Exocytosis
    7. Syringe Loading: A Method for Assessing Plasma Membrane Function as a Reflection of Mechanically Induced Cell Loading
    8. Cell Surface Biotinylation and Other Techniques for Determination of Surface Polarity of Epithelial Monolayers
    9. Protein Translocation into Mitochondria
    10. Polarographic Assays of Mitochrondrial Functions
    11. Analysis of Nuclear Protein Import and Export in Digitonin-Permeabilized Cells
    12. Heterokaryons: An Assay for Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling
    13. DNA Replication-Dependent Chromatin Assembly System
    14. Cygnets: Intracellular Guanosine 3’,5-Cycli Monophosphate Sensing in Primary Cells Using Fluorescence Energy Transfer
    15. Ca2+ as a Second Messenger: New Reporters for Calcium (Cameleons and Camgaroos)
    16. Ratiometric Pericam
    17. Fuorescent Indicators for Imaging Protein Phosphorylation in Single Living Cells
    18. In Situ Electroporation of Radioactive Nucleotides: Assessment of Ras Activity or 32P Labeling of Cellular Proteins
    19. Dissecting Pathways; in Situ Electroporation for the Study of Signal Transduction and Gap Junctional Communication
    20. Detection of Protein-Protein Interactions in vivo Using Cyan and Yellow Fluorescent Proteins
    21. Tracking Individual Chromosomes with Integrated Arrays of Iacop Sites and GFP-laci Repressor: Analyzing Position and Dynamics of Chromosomal Loci in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    22. Microtubule Motility Assays
    23. In vitro Assays for Mitotic Spindle Assembly and Function
    24. In vitro Motility Assays with Actin
    25. Use of Brain Cytosolic Extracts for Studying Actin-Based Motility of Listeria monocytogenes
    26. Pedestal Formation by Pathogenic Escherichia coli: A Model System for Studying Signal Transduction to the Actin Cytoskeleton
    27. Listeria monocytogenes: Techniques to Analyze Bacterial Infection in vitro
    28. Measurement of Cellular Contractile Forces Using Patterned Elastomer


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