Cell Biology and Membrane Transport Processes, 41 book cover

Cell Biology and Membrane Transport Processes, 41


Published: April 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-153341-0


  • The Multidrug Resistance Family of Transporters:
    M.M. Gottesman, S. Currier, E. Bruggemann, I. Lelong, W. Stein, and I. Pastan, The Multidrug Transporter: Mechanistic Considerations.
    K. Kuchler, E.E. Swartzman, and J. Thorner, A Novel Mechanism for Transmembrane Translocation of Peptides: The Saccharomyces cerevisiae STE6 Transporter and Export of the Mating Pheromone a-Factor.

    Structure-Function Relationships in Ion Pumps:
    D.M. Fambrough,M.V. Lemas, K. Takeyasu, K.J. Renaud, and E.M. Inman, Structural Requirements for Subunit Assembly of the Na,K-ATPase.
    C. Canessa, F. Jaisser, J.-D. Horisberger, and B.C. Rossier, Structure-Function Relationship of Na,K-ATPase: The Digitalis Receptor.

    Sorting of Ion Transport Proteins and the Creation of Polarized Membrane Domains:
    P.M. Haney and M. Mueckler, Subcellular Targeting and Regulation of Glucose Transporters.
    Q. Al-Awqati, J. Van Adelsberg, and J. Takito, Plasticity in Epithelial Polarity.
    W.J. Nelson, Regulation of Cell Adhesion and Development of Epithelial Cell Surface Polarity.
    C.J. Gottardi, G. Pietrini, M.J. Shiel, and M.J. Caplan, Synthesis and Sorting of Ion Pumps in Polarized Cells.Subject Index.


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