cDNA Preparation and Characterization, 303

  • Sherman Weissman, School of Medicine, Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.
    • John Abelson, California Institute of Technology, Division of Biology, Pasadena, U.S.A.
      • Melvin Simon, California Institute of Technology, Division of Biology, Pasadena, U.S.A.


      Biochemists, geneticists, developmental biologists, molecular biologists, physiologists, and cell biologists.


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  • Published: May 1999
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-182204-0


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Table of Contents

cDNA Preparation:J. Estee, P. Crino, and J. Eberwine, Preparation of cDNA from Single Cells and Subcellular Regions.P. Carninci and Y. Hayashizaki, High-Efficiency Full-length cDNA Cloning.M. Liu, Y.V.B.K. Subramanyam, and N. Baskaran, Preparation and Analysis of cDNA from a Small Number of Hematopoietic Cells.C. Aston, C. Hiort and D.C. Schwartz, Optical Mapping: An Approach for Fine Mapping.Gene Identification:R.J. Mural, Current Status of Computational Gene Finding: A Perspective.D.M. Church and A.J. Buckler, Gene Identification by Exon Amplification.J.T. den Dunnen, Cosmid-Based Exon Trapping.A.D. Simmons and M. Lovett, Direct cDNA Selection Using Large Genomic DNA Targets.S. Parimoo and S.M. Weissman, cDNA Selection: An Approach for Isolation of Chromosome Specific cDNAs.K. Gardiner, Saturation Identification of Coding Sequences in Genomic DNA.Patterns of mRNA Expression:R. Drmanac and S. Drmanac, cDNA Screening by Array Hybridization.M.B. Eisen and P.O. Brown, DNA Arrays for Analysis of Gene Expression.M.D. Clark, G.D. Panopoulou, D.J. Cahill, K. Büssow, and H. Lehrach, Construction and Analysis of Arrayed cDNA Libraries.K.J. Martin and A.B. Pardee, Principles of Differential Display.Y. Prashar and S.M. Weissman, A Method for Display of 3'-End Fragments of Restriction Enzyme Digested cDNAs for Analysis of Differential Gene Expression.Y.V.B.K. Subrahmkanyam, N. Baskaran, P.E. Newburger, and S.M. Weissman, A Modified Method for the Display of 3'-End Restriction Fragments of cDNAs: Molecular Profiling of Gene Expression in Neutrophils.T. Ito and Y. Sakaki, Fluorescent Differential Display (FDD): A Fast and Reliable Method for Message Display PCR.F. Mathieu-Daudé, T. Trenkle, J. Welsh, B. Jung, T. Vogt, and M. McClelland, Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes Using RNA Fingerprinting by Arbitrarily Primed PCR.M. Hubank and D.G. Schatz, cDNA RDA: A Sensitive and Flexible Method for the Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes.L. Diatchenko, S. Lukyanov, Y.-F.C. Lau and P.D. Siebert, Suppression Subtractive Hybridization: A Versatile Method for Identifying Differentially Expressed Genes.T. Trenkle, F. Mathieu-Daudé, J. Welsh and M. McClelland, Reduced Complexity Probes for DNA Arrays.Alastair J.H. Brown, Catherine Hutchings, J.F. Burke and L.V. Mayne, Targeted Display, A New Technique for the Analysis of Differential Gene Expression.Functional Relationship Among cDNA Translation Productions:M.-C. Marsolier and A. Sentenac, Pol III-Based Two-Hybrid System.F.J. Germino and N.K. Moskowitz, Screening for Protein-Protein Interactions.N.L. Sticker and M. Li, Using the Lac Repressor System to Identify Interacting Proteins.K.A. Jacobs, L.A. Collins-Racie, M. Colbert, M. Duckett, C. Evans, M. Golden-Fleet, K. Kelleher, R. Kriz, E.R. LaVallie, D. Merberg, V. Spaulding, J. Stover, M.J. Williamson and J.M. McCoy, A Genetic Selection for Isolating cDNA Clones That Encode Signal Peptides.K. Tashiro, T. Nakamura and T. Honjo, The Signal Sequence Trap Method.S. Ståhl, J. Odeberg, M. Larsson, Ø. Røsok, A.H. Ree, and J. Lundeberg, Solid-Phase Differential Display and Bacterial Expression Systems in Selection and Functional Analysis of cDNAs.P. Ross-Macdonald, A. Sheehan, C. Friddle, G.S. Roeder, and M. Snyder, Transposon Mutagenesis for the Analysis of Protein Production, Function, and Localization.Author Index.Subject Index.